Honduras Real Estate: Roatan

Honduras Real Estate in Roatan is my area of expertise. In 2009, the real estate market in the Bay Islands was at an all time low; however, it opened the market to smart buyers who came in and purchased real estate at record low prices. We saw a shift from clients buying mostly raw land and lots, to investing in homes and condos.

Roatan Honduras Real Estate

Roatan Honduras Real Estate – Time to Buy

Today, it’s clear that real estate prices in the Bay Islands are beginning to head upward. This is every investor’s dream – to buy when you are confident that the market is still very close to the bottom. The downside is that inventory level is low, so good Roatan Honduras real estate choices go quickly. If you are seriously considering investing, now is the time.

Property with outstanding views and waterfront access are a real bargain, and a way for you to invest in a nice spot for less money than a home or condo. By purchasing your Roatan Honduras real estate now, you will have land in which to build your retirement home, or, you could sell it down the road, knowing you’ve made a great investment and bought at the bottom end of the market price. Imagine owning a piece of Caribbean property that you could escape to at any time. Let me guide you to the best Roatan real estate the island has to offer.

The homes, land, condos and other property listed below is currently for sale. If you would like to see properties as soon as they become available, take a look at our VIP Real Estate Investment Club.

As a RE/MAX Bay Islands broker, I help buyers and sellers dream with their eyes open. Contact me today with any questions.

Real Estate in Roatan Honduras

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