Roatan Condos for Sale

Most Roatan condos for sale are made with quality concrete construction, and often times are offered at a resort with enjoyable extras such as pools and a spa.  There are two versions of condos on the island. There are both ‘hotel/condos’ and residential versions and even one complex that is a combination of the two. All condominiums here usually come turnkey, (fully furnished down to the knives, forks and spoons).
These useful Roatan real estate investments often have ‘owner closets’ to store your snorkel or dive gear, clothing, and personal items, so all you need to do is grab your carry-on and be on your way to the airport.
As mentioned above there are different types of condos for sale here on the island. By this, I mean some are what is referred to as ‘hotel/condos’, while others are what most would call ‘residential’ condos.

Hotel/Condos Resorts

The hotel/condos are normally in a rental pool of some kind (they all differ in policies and return on investment), and are purchased more for use as a vacation spot and investment tool (that usually pays its own way plus some). Again, although policies differ at each complex, there are some that you must use their property management operations, while others offer that but allow you to choose your own property management team if wish that.

Residential Condos

Residential condos are used for full time, extended stays or often are purchased to rent out via the owner directly as a place that the owner at some point in the future will retire to. Rest assured, whatever your dreams may be, we will find the ‘best fit’ condominium option for you.
Rental income can be all over the board here, (as it is everywhere), and it can be a complicated situation. Much of it is directly related to the Purchaser’s goals and budget. By that I mean we often get people that would like rental income but also wish to use the unit themselves. That is can be within the first four months of the year when rental demand is the highest. This, therefore decreases the availability of others and also the income of the unit the owner wishes to obtain.

Much of the rental situation is based on what it is that you actually expect in both usage, as mentioned above, and income. If you are looking at you are being flexible in regard to usage, meaning you can visit and use the property when there are not renters in place it becomes a different situation than if you with it for specific times/dates and time of the year.

Also, it changes if you are looking for a specific ROI or if you wish to just make sure you cover expenses. The property location, who is managing it, when you use it, and where you and how you market that property all matters…..…there are many variables.

Roatan Condos for Sale

Our Roatan condos for sale reflect the best real estate investments on the island. Click on “Property Details” for comprehensive information about amenities offered at each of the condominium complexes, or search below to see listing options.

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