Auction Properties

We have a new RE/MAX International Approved Provider program for Purchaser’s and Seller’s of properties we represent. It is an auction option the you can review and utilize as a Purchaser or Seller.

The latest properties coming up on auction are listed below. For Seller’s this provides an additional marketing option for their properties where they can set a ‘reserve’ or lowest acceptable price that they would take and Purchasers have the ability to pick up a bargain.

These auctions expand the market and provide Sellers with a far larger data base of Purchasers of their properties in market areas that may never have heard of Roatan, Utila or the Bay Islands. The Auction company will place your property on their site also and will announce the properties for sale about 6 weeks previous to the day of the event to their world wide data base of Purchasers. The date of the auction on properties you can find by clicking on the individual property on the list that comes up by clicking the below.